About me:


My name is Bianca Uittenbogaard-Meijer, I was born in 1961. I live in the Netherlands. Ever since I was a child I really loved everything about nature; plants, trees and animals. When I was only eight years old I started training dogs.


Nature still plays a major role in my life. I work as a therapist with the natural Bach Flower Remedies for both people and animals. My house is surrounded by nature and I have a couple of lovely animals like dogs, chickens and even a tame jackdaw. The jackdaw lives outside and is free as a bird but still comes to visit me daily.


Since my children have grown and left the house I've got more time to spend on my hobbies like walking in nature with my dogs, taking photographs of plants and animals, painting watercolors and of course making mice! I hope you like them!