I'm gonna be married...

Yummy, acorns! I like them with salt...

I'm telling you...

This must be a boring story...

Just goofing around!

Lately other animals have joined the family. That's why this update is so late! Check my other site Felted-Friends...


May 20: It took some practice, but now we're good at it!

I believe I can fly...

may 16: I believe I can touch the sky... This little mouse girl is having a lot of fun playing she can fly with Honesty seed husks. She measures 9 cm's. Isn't she lovely!

Making Friends...

May 8: Sometimes it takes a little effort to make friends... :-)

The Royal Couple is ready for the big event!

April 29: The Royal Couple Mousimus and Mousima are ready for the big event tomorrow, when they will be King and Queen. He's wearing the traditional Kings Robe, his Lady is wearing a cream velvet dress with a simple but shiny family brooch. Always one for style, our Mousima!

All dressed up and ready to go!

April 26: Mom has decided to wear a dress from now on.... same lovely fabric as the baby duvet cover. The dress is adorned with antique lace. Doesn't she look pretty! This combination, antique pram, bedding with lace, duvet cover with lace, baby with movable legs (softly poseable, no wiring) and mom in her pretty dress with antique lace are up for adoption. If you are interested please contact Bianca.

Far relatives are staying over...

April 21: These far far relatives are really quite nice, but they are so very very tall! Mom measures 13 centimetres, can you believe it? Mom, baby and antique pram are looking for a new home.

Our Uncle can paint!

April 2: We visited our uncle today. Look at that! He's only been studying with his master for a few weeks now, but he's already made a wonderful painting. No wonder, with such a good teacher as Drago Pečenica!

Creative Mouse

April 1: This very, very, very creative uncle of ours is the first to have left our family to go live somewhere else. His creativity needed tutoring and he found himself a wonderful master. Tomorrow I will go visit him and see how he has developed as a painter.

Happy Easter

April 1: Look at these funny creatures!

Mouse Masquerade

March 24: Look what I found when shopping yesterday! A carnival mask that fits just fine!

Mouse Baby

March 17: Isn't she lovely? The smallest mousebaby I have made as of yet. She saw her first daylight yesterday. The clothes were made by an old lady who knits and crochets the smallest doll clothes I have ever seen.

March 15: And there she is, happy as a mouse can be...

Just my Luck!

March 13: I just came upon this little beauty! This will make one of my mice very, very happy... To be continued!


March 12 :This is one of the young ones, he's about 7 cm's tall, 2.5 inces to be exact.
He loves the springtime, it's his first time out in the garden.